Album Radio
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Album Radio

Hey there, welcome to the number one open source Rdio website for streaming full album radio!

A few things you should know before you get started - Show
  1. You can only operate the radio on your own playlists, which you need to create on Rdio.
    • The playlist must have one or more songs.
    • It's recommended to take a few songs from your favorite artists to initially fill up the playlist
    • You can drag and drop albums to reorder the playlist
  2. Album Radio deletes played songs from the start of your playlist. Every time a track changes, Album Radio checks to see if there are less than 500 songs in your playlist. If so, it will add an album to the end. If you skipped a track, the artist will be selected from your Collection, otherwise an artist will be chosen from the completed songs' related artists.
    • Album Radio currently can only detect song skipping if you use the skip button

To get started, you'll have to .

Choose the Playlist you want Album Radio to work with:

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Album Radio currently only works properly if you're playing music on the rdio website.

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